Tuesday, March 13, 2007

USB Absinthe Spoon

They Said We Couldn’t Do It

But we didn’t listen… We never do.

Finally, after months of work we’ve succeeded in building a prototype of world’s first USB Absinthe Spoon.

We’d like to share this formidable instrument with a few select testers, but we can’t hand these babies out to just anyone.

You’ll have to tell us why you deserve one of the first USB Absinthe Spoons:

Update 3/2: Wow, the response to our chef d’oeuvre was much bigger than we expected. This is going to take a little bit of time, but rest assured, testers are being chosen (which is an incredibly difficult task) and the design of the spoon is being re-worked to allow for a larger production run.

PS If you’re curious who we are, who said we couldn’t and why we did, check out the history of the spoon.

We made a store where you can buy USB Absinthe fairy t shirts and stickers and stuff.


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